/ ven (t) - sh(e)r /

transitive verb:

1: To expose to hazard: risk, gamble (ventured a buck or two on the race)

2: To undertake the risks and dangers of: brave (ventured the stormy sea)

3: To offer at the risk of rebuff, rejection, or censure (venture an opinion)

intransitive verb:

1: To proceed, especially in the face of danger

About Bachmanity

At our newly-formed firm, it is more than a “buck” or two that shall be risked. More hazards than all seven proverbial seas possess will be undertaken. And danger? Oh, danger will most certainly be proceeded in the face of. Right in its face. Right in it. Bachmanity Capital will shortly be offering limited partnerships to discerning investors: Investors who fear not gale nor kraken, and wouldst embark upon the U.S.S. Bachmanity, bound for Cape Innovation.